Hello Fellow Rotarians!

Announcing:   The Rotary International Fund Raffle for Rotary District 5840.

Raffle Tickets are now available for the 2021
Rotary International Fund Raffle.  This is a great opportunity to contribute to the Rotary Foundation.    All tickets sold will go to the Rotary Foundation Account in the name of the seller.

In the past few years, the prize has been a "cruise" ticket.   Due to the recent events, the prize has been changed.

There will be six drawings in May 2021 and the winner of each drawing will receive a prepaid $1,000 Frost Bank Card.   In addition, the seller of the ticket that is picked in the third drawing will also receive a
prepaid $1,000 Frost Bank Card.

I have tickets available to all members - several members have already picked them up.   Tickets are $10 apiece. You may sell the tickets to anyone, or simply fill them out for yourself - just make sure you fill out the stubs and return to me (along with the payment).   Please make sure the stubs include the following information:

Name     City     Phone Number      Seller's Name   Seller's Phone number.

If you fill them out for yourself, the names and phone numbers will be the same.

Please forward the payments to me along with the completed stubs.    Payment can be made using cash, or with checks payable to:  "The Rotary Foundation".      I must have all stubs and payments by the April 27 club meeting.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for your contributions!   I will be making this announcement at the next few club meetings.

--Ralph Bowen, Foundation Chairman,  Fredericksburg Nimitz Rotary Club    432 638 2567